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A well-written product description has the power to move your customers through your sales funnel. By injecting creativity and product benefits into your product description, your store becomes more likely to convert the casual browser. 

However, most entrepreneurs make a common mistake when writing product descriptions: including information that simply describes their item. This results in lower conversions as people are unable to understand the unique value proposition of a product or how it offers a solution to a frustrating problem.

In this article, you’ll learn how to write product descriptions that sell and find a product description writer, learn from product description examples, and we’ll introduce an easy-to follow product description template.

What Is A Product Description?

A product description is the copy that describes the features and benefits of a product to a customer. The goal of the product description is to provide the customer with enough information to compel them to want to buy the product immediately.

To master product description writing, you need to learn how to write persuasive copy for your products. Plus, you need to answer every question a customer may have, such as:

  • What problem does your product solve? 
  • What do I gain from using your product? 
  • What separates your products from others on the market? 

Your brief description needs to answer these questions in a way that is easy to read.  

How to write product descriptions

What Is The Best Product Description Template?

It depends. Like every other aspect of your website, product descriptions may or may not be needed. It needs to be split tested. Each website has a different layout, personality, and style which may require a different product description template.

Some stores may convert best with only bullet point descriptions. Others may need a long paragraph, or a mix of bullet points and a paragraph. And some websites may convert best with no copy at all. You can use A/B split tests tools like Google Optimize to determine what format works best for you.

Here’s a product description example with no copy. According to VWO, an online store called FreestyleXtreme ran a split test. Their test included two landing pages – one with and another without a product description. They were surprised when they found out that the page without copy converted 31.88% better and had a 96% confidence level.

How to write product descriptions

There are several factors as to why the product descriptions didn’t convert well. It’s possible they weren’t written correctly for the audience, they were placed in a less visible area, or were written in the wrong format. However, when it comes to your specific store, testing whether or not you should have product descriptions, in the first place, can help you better understand how to optimize future product pages.

Benefits of Writing Product Descriptions

Having optimized product details can help improve your search engine optimization (SEO). By optimizing your item description to include specific keywords, you can help improve your chances of ranking high on Google. Without product descriptions, you may be able to optimize your images for keywords, but your product page may not appear high in search results due to a lack of content.

Product descriptions can also educate your customer on the product. The product description offers supplemental product information that the picture can’t do on its own. For example, you likely wouldn’t buy a laptop by looking at the picture alone. As a shopper, you’d want to read about the laptop’s specifications and features. This also applies to fashion — some people may be allergic to certain fabrics and need to know the material of the clothing you sell on your store. By providing customers with key product information, you prevent a build up of customer service inquiries. It also helps customers know if that specific product is right for them, which can help lower return rates.

A product description can also be used to make a customer laugh to enhance the bond between your brand and customer. It can also assure customers that your product will solve their biggest pain point or enhance their life in some way.

Picking the Right Words for Your Product Description

How to write product descriptions

According to David Ogilvy, the 20 most influential words include:

  • Suddenly
  • Now
  • Announcing
  • Introducing
  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Revolutionary
  • Miracle
  • Magic
  • Quick
  • Hurry
  • and more.

Using the keywords listed above can help captivate your reader and persuade them into action. You can use these words in product descriptions, headlines, email templates, and more.

According to Unbounce, there are also several words and phrases that people shouldn’t be using in their copy, product description, and more.

Poor word choices include:

  • Market-leading
  • Breakthrough
  • Innovative
  • Stunning
  • Ultimate
  • and more.

Ultimately, the words are poor choices if they aren’t accurate. Calling your product revolutionary when it’s not isn’t going to make your brand stand out.

How to Write a Good Product Description: Things to Keep in Mind

It’s important that your product overview includes honest and transparent information. Saying a product is free when it really isn’t is deceptive. Saying your product is of the highest quality when you have countless complaints about the product quality isn’t going to trick people into liking your product.

For example, if several people notice that the material is thinner than expected, you can mention that in your copy without drastically impacting sales. It gives your customers an honest expectation of the product before they receive it. Your customers may even prefer thinner fabrics on summer days.

Being honest doesn’t mean writing all of your products flaws but highlighting its strengths. Is the design what’s selling the product? Put an emphasis on the look of the product when describing it.

You’ll also want to bring your customer into the product description using words like you. Help your customers envision themselves using your product. Make them part of your product’s story.

Keeping it casual can also help your product description stand out. You’re not writing a thesis, but an enticing description to bring your product and your customer together. Use contractions in your writing like you’re, you’d, who’d, etc.

How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

1. Write your own 

Avoid using the manufacturer’s product descriptions. By writing your own copy, you avoid being penalized by Google for duplicate or thin content. Plus, you improve your chances of writing a product description that converts your customer.

2. Make it scannable 

Your product description should be easy to read. Having two sentences describing the product with several bullet points allows customers to receive the information quickly so they can purchase immediately. If you sell laptops, you’ll want to turn the specs into bullet points for an easy read.

3. Know Your Audience

If you sell fun products like ugly christmas sweaters or food shaped jewelry you could inject humor into it. Your copy should be playful and light as customers buying those types of products would likely appreciate an entertaining product description. However, humor doesn’t work on all dropshipping niches. For example, you wouldn’t want to inject humor into a product description about life jackets, coffins, or other sensitive issues.

4. Optimize Your Product Descriptions

The easiest way to optimize your product summary is to use a tool like Plug in SEO on your store. You’ll want to use keywords that are relevant to your product. For example, if you sell makeup brushes, you’ll want to be specific such as ‘unicorn makeup brush’ or ‘mermaid makeup brush.’

5. Tell a Story

Use your product description to tell a story. It could be the story of why your customer needs this product to solve their problem. Or a story of the product's benefits. Or just an entertaining story about the product that draws your customer in.

6. Split Test It

Don’t forget to split test your product descriptions. Test different formats, lengths, words, and more. Split testing your product descriptions can help you optimize your product page to improve your conversion rate.

7. Spell Check Your Work

Read over your product descriptions to ensure there are no typos. You can use tools like Grammarly to avoid spelling mistakes.

8. Offer All The Details

Make sure that customers have the information they need to make a purchase. For example, if dropshipping apparel, care information and size charts can help customers before and after their purchase. If you sell tablets, you’ll want to ensure you list all the specs. If you dropship jewelry, you’ll want to include information such as ‘nickel free’, as some may have allergies to certain materials.

Product Description Examples

1. ModCloth

How to write product descriptions

ModCloth is a great product description example to learn from. The product description is short and sweet with only two sentences. The product details include scannable bullet points. The first sentence of the product description compliments the customer by mentioning their ‘glimmering charisma.’ However, the customer compliment is tied into the ‘glorious glimmering’ of the bolero. The second sentence compliments the customer again in relation to the product. Pay close attention to the language used in the copy. Words like ‘delighted,’ ‘delicate,’ ‘magnificence,’ ‘radiance,’ ‘gloriously’, and ‘glimmers’ are used to capture attention while being positive descriptors.

2. Tipsy Elves

How to write product descriptions

Tipsy Elves is an excellent product description example of showcasing the product benefits. Their short and sweet two sentence description mentions that this jumpsuit is perfect for ‘lazy days on the couch, USA events, and hitting the slopes.’ For those looking for an outfit for the 4th of July, their problem is solved as it mentions that this outfit is ideal for it. Notice how the first word in the copy is ‘freedom’, which is a positive word and is often associated with American pride products. Their product details aren’t very scannable. However, they mention the benefits for some of their features such as mentioning that the material is thinner for ‘year round wear.’

3. Chubbies

How to write product descriptions

Chubbies is a great product description example for creativity. The shorts shown in the picture above are called ‘The Mojitos’ likely due to its minty green color. Their opening description runs with the mojito theme though their product picture fails to show a mojito which would likely blend pretty nicely. They mention benefits with their product features such as ‘keep you oh-so comfortable.’

4. Naked Wines

How to write product descriptions

Naked Wines keep their product description scannable with three bulleted points. Their bullet points creatively use check marks which helps customers make a positive association with the wine. The writing style is casual with phrases like ‘who’da thought it…’ They also build brand trust by mentioning that ‘91% of you would happily buy it again!’  Pay close attention to the language used to describe the wine such as ‘ripe’, ‘peppery undertones’, ‘lashings of oak’, ‘scrumptious’, and ‘silky finish.’

Product Description Template

There are countless methods on how to write product descriptions. If you’re ever stuck on a format you can follow this simple product description template while writing your copy.

3-Step Product Description Template

  1. Complement the customer in relation to the product.
  2. Mention the product benefit in relation to the product feature.
  3. Provide a simple recommendation.

For example, if you’re selling unicorn brushes you might try this product description example:

Like this unicorn brush, you’re one of a kind. These brushes are made with synthetic bristles for an easy clean. Pair this set with our mermaid brushes for a complete set of unique makeup brushes.

If you’re selling a dress, you might follow this product description example:

Nothing will flatter your curves better than this bootylicious evening dress. Made of a stretchy spandex, this dress will hug your body on all the right spots while highlighting your silhouette. With a simple pair of black pumps, you’ll complete your look to help you look flawless.

How to Find a Product Description Writer

Struggling to figure out how to write product descriptions that sell? If English isn’t your first language, you might want to hire a product description writer.

Finding a great writer requires patience. You can use sites like ProBloggerFiverr, or Guru to find quality product description writers. Look at a writer’s reviews, previous work, and who they’ve worked for in the past to determine the quality of their product description writing.

How to write product descriptions

Summary: How to Write a Product Description That Engages and Delights Customers

Mastering your product descriptions will require creativity and testing. Don’t be afraid to test our product description template to help you improve your format. Writing product descriptions that sell takes a bit of experimentation but with some patience you could end up in this article one day as a product description example.

In summary, here are the steps involved in writing a great product description:

  1. Write an original description.
  2. Ensure your product description is scannable.
  3. Match the copy to your audience.
  4. Optimize your product description.
  5. Tell a story about the product.
  6. Split test your product copy.
  7. Spell check your product description.
  8. Include the fine details like product specs and measurements.

Do you have any tips on writing product descriptions? Do you A/B test your descriptions? Let us know in the comments below.