Top Social Media Ideas to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Top Social Media Ideas to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Engagement is key in social media marketing. Social media is used by more than 3 billion individuals worldwide, many of whom do it often. That presents a fantastic chance for your brand to develop and connect. This method of communication and outreach eliminates many of the obstacles that traditional outbound marketing has, allowing you to contact a huge audience of people who may be interested in your products or services. If you play your cards well, many of these people may turn into leads and customers.

Due to the huge potential it offers, it makes sense to spend money on social media engagement-boosting tactics. There are so many things you can do daily to keep your audience interested and looking to to learn more about you, your brand, and what you offer. In this article, we’ll analyze ways you can get started.

Create Hashtags

Hashtags guruantees structure for for the posting strategy you adopt on social media. This ensures the audience interested in your content can easily track your contents that they find interesting. While increasing engagement rate among your followers, external brands who are interested in a collaboration can also tag along and utilize Hashtags that work for them. This creates an effective way for you and other related brands to leverage each other's audience pools and keep the engagement levels high. 

Share Your Company Culture

Your business offers more than just goods or services; it's (ideally) a great place to work. Social media is a fantastic platform for showcasing the culture of your business. Share pictures and updates from team meals, outings, parties, and events with your followers. Similar to your employee surveys, this gives them a glimpse into what it's like to work for your business and allows you a chance to highlight the real, intriguing, and entertaining people who power your brand. This tactic will very probably encourage greater participation.

Your recruitment approach will benefit greatly from sharing this kind of content. Job seekers frequently check a company's social media channels to see if there are any complaints when they are researching it.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram keeps improving for brands with all the different Instagram Ads that can be run and the granular interaction analytics they have access to. So why not make use of their entertaining features? Here are some strategies for using Instagram Stories into your online engagement plan. 

  • Every time you publish a blog post, share a slow reveal on your stories and then link it to the blog post in your profile so people can check it out.

  • For special releases, use the countdown feature so people can get excited and check back with you once the countdown is over.

  • Use GIFs, stamps, and other image icons to keep stories interesting and eye-catching.

  • Use hashtags in your stories to get your stories content in front of people who search or follow those hashtags but don’t follow you.

  • Use the poll feature to ask people certain questions.

  • Use the “Ask me a question” feature to open up a dialogue.

It is key to make Instagram Stories a vital part of your daily posting plans and you will definitely be able to enjoy better reach and convert more individuals once you seize attention. 

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Create Images or Graphics for Certain Content

Your content, page, and brand will be more interesting if you include original pictures in your social media updates. Many businesses just use stock photography for graphics on blog articles and social media out of convenience and time constraints. However, this could backfire and isn't always the ideal approach to communicate the true meaning of a post.

As an alternative, look into design tools, get a designer to produce unique photos to go with your blog entries, or make them yourself using resources like Canva. Get creative and colorful because people like to focus on pictures over text. Make your image intuitive to give viewers a sense of what your content is about.

Show Off Customer Testimonials

One of the most effective ways to move prospects down the sales funnel is through peer-to-peer recommendations. Share client testimonials on social media to show your followers how much they appreciate you. You can even upload accompanying photographs to give the post even more visual appeal. 

Make sure you're getting testimonials from your customers so you can use them on your website as well as in your social media approach.

Share Articles You Find Interesting

Don't limit your content distribution to social media. You should share information that others have put together that you find intriguing and that you know your audience will find interesting if you want to be a relevant voice in your business. By doing this, you may freshen up your feed while maintaining a high standard for the content you provide. Additionally, if you share the content of another company, they might do the same for you, opening the door to new and interesting forms of engagement.